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Vanity Wyche - Executive Assistant

With a background in the medical field, Vanity has always had a nurturing spirit so naturally she is the perfect fit for the shoes she has fill. She assists with the day to day operation of Salute2Service. Vanity assists with everything from board meetings, interviews, donation handling, planning and executing timely schedules, message handling, emails, filing and so much more. Because of her true nature, she has a very deep passion for what Salute2Service is and the mission that they stand for.

Ash Schultz - Web Development + Social Media

Ash is currently majoring in Computer Science at Bucks County Community College. Ash was inspired by the Internet boom of the 2000's, declaring at age 8 that she was going to run off to Silicon Valley to join the big leagues. She spends her time programming, reading Iron Man and Kamala Khan comics, and helping local jobseekers connect with employers through Salute2Service's partner, RecruitmentQueen.

Meet the Team

Rodney Wyatt  - Founder

U.S.M.C. 1972-1974 (M.O.S)...0811. Artillery 175-MM Gun Battery
Army Guard-1994-2002. Combat Engineer--103rd Eng. Battalion. 12-B

Rodney retired in 02/2016 from the State as a Veterans Representative 1, providing services to our U.S. veterans. His position at the state limited the amount of assistance he could provide to them, so he started Salute2Service in 2013, in a effort to bridge the gap between the limited services that the state provided. S2S is what you could call a one stop shop, providing a vast array of services and resources to our U.S. Veterans all under one umbrella. 

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